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Happy Thanksgiving!


As you sit down to enjoy your holiday today, we at Mossy Creek Soap would like to say THANK YOU for being our customer.  Thanksgiving is a truly American Holiday with food, fun and FOOTBALL.  There is a lot more to the Holiday than you might know. Here’s a few historical facts about Thanksgiving, The first Thanksgiving was a 3 day harvest […]

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Mossy Creek Soap Studio, Mistletoe Market Pictures

Every year about this time I look for new ideas to make my display table look better.  To keep it fresh I take look at new trends and color schemes.  Since my brand is earthy crunchy I tend to look for items that will add color and stay within my brand.  In the process I found these really cool sites below that could help you too! […]

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Meet Kelli Buchanan!


We want welcome Kelli Buchanan to our studio family! She has been married for 21 years, a mother of four daughters, she loves animals and people. She enjoys spending her time volunteering in the community wherever she can be of help and exploring her creative spirit with gardening, scrapbooking and sewing/quilting. Her four daughters keep her on her toes through sports such as volleyball, […]

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Owning a retail business!

Supplies, Displays, Signs and Advertising Your New Business   Welcome to the FINAL Part of the  series- Opening a Soapmaking Retail Shop Business. I reside in a fairly small community of about 150,000 so I had to be very creative. I enlisted the help of my representative from the LOCAL SBA (small business admin) office. They helped me launch my business outside my home […]

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