Start up your online website for less than $100?

Wow?  Is this really possible? ….  YES! It is.  I started my website over a year ago this way and have never been happier!  When you’re a small business owner who makes handmade/handcrafted items and sell through your local market through shows, it’s tough to spend a lot of money on having a website.  But in today’s market you need one to be on the map.  In the end you end up losing business because you did not take the leap. Not making your millions yet to afford a website/design/web host? Well you decide.  Being the froogle person that I am I wanted to do just that.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money monthly to keep it running either, so then what’s the use? Right? Well my monthly fees run about $11.95 a month for the host alone and every 3 months $24 for an upgraded account on my shopping cart provider. So here it goes…Go to Shoppe Pro Web Hosting, start with with a domain name (better hope by now yours is still avail) for $12.95 a year, pick a web hosting plan.. $11.95 (no contracts ever!), one time license fee $15, then go to and search through one of her beautiful templates to personalize it mine was $49.99 and then you need a credit card processing company (right now I am using or you can use your own just contact the shopping cart provider to set it up for you that’s it!  Sound too easy?? Well it’s not and I can reassure you that I have not had any problems since I started. And since it doesn’t take too much away from my bottom line I can afford to keep it going.  So what’s stopping you now???  GET BUSY!

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