The Local Farmers Market

In the middle of peach country right here in the south, it’s a hot one! Temperatures will in the high 90’s and my daughter I will be heading off to the local farmers markets. I think we’ll go straight to the Wesleyan College Market this morning. Looks like they have a really good market with a variety of items for sale, which is open every second Saturday of each month (during spring, summer, and fall) on the front campus. They have local items ranging from flowers, baked goods, and organic fruits and vegetables to fresh shrimp, hand-made soaps, and local artwork for sale. Go to their web www.

We will also be looking at the Perry Georgia Farmers market, it may be small but it’s local and I love to support all my local farmers and artisians. I feel I should be out there selling but this time of’s just too hot! My soap will not melt, but I worry it’s still too hot for some of those delicate oils that can go rancid in the morning heat. I just don’t want to chance it. I have to wait until September.

Check out our local community in Perry, Georgia right here!

Have a happy Saturday (Caturday as my daughter would say..)!

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