Cold Processed Soap "Book Review"

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When I first started making Melt & Pour soap and wanted to learn how to make cold processed soap, I searched for soapmaking classes in my area.  To my surprise the nearest one I found at the time was California!  That’s a long way from Middle Georgia.  So, After discussing it with my husband, we decided to venture out on our own.  My first stop as usual was the book store.  We have a great relationship anyway, if you ever visit me you will understand what I mean. My book shelf is loaded up with everything from Roman Civilization to How to Expect When you’re Expecting. 
Anyway, this time I had to order online because for some reason the local bookstore did not have the selection of soapmaking books that I would to like see (only 1).  So.. Off  to AMAZON.COM.  What’s great about Amazon is you can see what others think about a certain book and maybe even be able to peak inside a few.  I reviewed what the buyers had to say and pick through the bad ones too.  The one book that I bought and that really helped me was… Drum Roll Please!  “The Everything Soapmaking Book”, by Alicia Grosso who by the way lives in California.  Buying a book was so much cheaper for me than a flight, hotel stay and classes out of town. I elected the cheaper version.

Wow, what a great book for beginners!  She starts you off making 1-2 pound soap recipes to test the waters.  I would like to add one though..  Don’t give up!  1-2 Pounds of soap is very hard to do, because for one it doesn’t generate the heat like a large batch would, it will set up much faster and you have to move very quick.  Do your research 1st and find out which fragrances/essential oils will speed up the trace too, I would not suggest using one that makes your batch go to trace quicker than other ones. Most suppliers have the information listed under the item descriptions as to whether or not it’s one that will push your batch to trace quicker. back to the book.  Alicia does have some really good starter recipes in the book and work very well.  I still refer to book every now and again for information.  This book includes everything from Cold Processed Soapmaking, Hot Processed, Soap Casting (MP soap) and all the way to making your own polymer clay stamp making for your soap!

So if you are just starting out..Go online to and invest in this book!  It’s a must read for all beginner soap makers!  You won’t be disappointed.

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