How did your childhood friend change your life? What memories do you keep?

Last night I spoke to a friend I had not spoke to in 23 years.  Wow! I couldn’t believe it was that long ago. On a whim I decided to look for her. Thank goodness for Facebook!  To my surprise she was living a mere state away.  We spoke only for an hour but managed to get the finer points of our missed years. She is now the proud momma of 7 wonderful children with the oldest being “20”!!! OMG! Are we really that old? And the answer is yes.. I guess we are!
She lived only a few blocks away and we spent our summer playing in the weeds pretending to be Super-Hero’s, Wonder Woman I believe was our favorite.  Those days we played outside all day until our parents would call for us to come in.  We didn’t sit in front of TV playing video games.. we played outside in the weeds, roller skating or playing in her pool.  Those are the memories that will stay with me for life.
Today I proudly watch my daughter play with her best friend just about the same age. I can only wonder what their future holds for them? Will they keep in touch? What will become of them 23 years from now?
Don’t let 23 years pass you by before you find your special childhood friend… Find them today before 23 years pass..I went to Facebook.  There she was, like she had been there forever.
Share your story about a childhood friend that you remember…

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