Mossy Creek Soap History~ Our Story

Mossy Creek Soap Story~ About Us

We are located in area in Houston County Georgia (pronounced Howston not Houston for all you non-locals).  Houston County was formed May 15, 1821 through a treaty with the Creek Indians.  Most of settlers here were originally winners from the Land Lottery of 1821.  In 1889 we became known as one of the largest counties of Peach Growers in the Country.
Hence, our next door county name is “Peach County”. Located just south of Macon, Georgia, we are home to Robins Air Force Base. Our local cities include Warner Robins, Centerville, Kathleen and Perry Georgia.
Mossy Creek is a actual Creek than runs through the middle of the county to Houston Lake and the then on to Mossy Lake.  To us it signifies coming home, We cross the bridge over Mossy Creek daily and thought it would fitting to adopt the name “Mossy Creek Soap”.  This is our home, we welcome you to enjoy our handcrafted soap from a region with a rich history. 
We make handcrafted, quality soap and bath products with fresh ingredients that you may have in your own kitchen.  Not in a large factory overseas with foreign workers who you do not know or chemicals you don’t understand. Locally owned and operated in Kathleen, Georgia, we take pride in providing handcrafted soap that takes well over a month to cure. Our Handmade soaps are made completely from scratch, made with oils such as olive, sunflower, coconut, shea and cocoa butter which are far better for you and the environment with no detergents or phosphates.  Once you have tried homemade you won’t go back to store bought again.

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