Facebook and Social Media Etiquette Rules

With the speed of all social media communications, the messages, replies and TMI (too much information)… this really needs to addressed for the utmost professionalism.  If you are a professional or propose to be one then you need to read this.  If you are already abiding the rules then fantastic!  But what I have found is that many people do not know or understand Facebook or social media Etiquette.

  • On your professional page please post a professional looking picture of yourself.  Many of the people who know you would love to see your face.  We don’t want to see some weird object that didn’t  crop correctly and we are viewing only half of it.
  • Keep it professional.  Do not add  that you “like” enjoying having sex in unusual places and you don’t care what your boss thinks button!  I don’t think we need to elaborate more?? Do we?
  • Should you really friend everyone? The reason I address this one is because I really do look at who you are friends with.  I can imagine many of your potential customers will too.  Do just click “ok” every time?  Check them out.
  • We don’t need to know that that your boyfriend cheated on you with so and so,  this is professional remember? Besides you’ll probably get back together with him anyway and who wants to explain to him what you wrote?
  • Be polite…  Don’t be condescending or crass while commenting on some else’s page.. Save that for a direct message if you don’t agree with them! And after you posted it..re-read it if it does sound condescending you can “delete it”.  On the other hand if someone posts on your page a crass comment that has nothing to do with what you are talking about… You can “DELETE” the comment. This is your page and YOU do have the right to have it look they way you want it.  
  • On safety concerns:  Please don’t tell everyone that you are on vacation, send photos via  iphone while you are on vacation.  You don’t want thieves robbing you while your gone. Because all though you were smart enough to not put your address on your Facebook page.  They can probably find it somewhere else on the net.  
  • If you have sent out a friend request to someone and they have not confirmed you as a friend don’t be offended.  They may have missed or accidentally cancelled the request (yes, it does happen!). But by all means don’t stalk them either.  Send 2 requests…  ONLY 2.  Otherwise you may come off as a stalker.
  • Don’t write in all “caps” or use the “!” to many times, it comes off to the reader as you are yelling at them.  
  • Don’t create a “Facebook” page for your baby or your pet.  There is an age limit….it’s “13”.  Besides they cannot write anyway.
  • Don’t ask for comments on your new item or photo, it’s just tacky.  You can however post them and hope for people to comment.
  • You can delete “friends” (I use that term lightly) without them knowing,  If you have not talked to them is years or if they’ve moved and you know longer keep in touch.  It’s ok to “delete” them.
  •  And lastly..   If you plan on having a party, do un-check the box that states anyone can view the event and RSVP. Otherwise you may have to explain to the 21,000 or so other Facebook people that you live in an 900 sq ft apartment and your parents only allowed you 13 friends over for your “15”th birthday party!
Please do utilize the social networks just be mindful of what you do on it!  

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