What do you mean?

We have all had moments when you feel like you should have said this or that.  Would you like to know what people respond to? Change that “but” into an “and”?
Try this word conversion list below to help you out! Positive Words Have Impact!
Instead Of                                                              Say  
Should                                                                   Choose, Want or Desire
Need To                                                                 It’s Important to me
Have To                                                                 Desire To
Can’t                                                                      I am not willing to
Always, Never                                                        Sometimes, Seldom
Must                                                                      Desire or Choose
But                                                                        And   
Yeah, Uh-huh                                                        Yes
Nah or Nope                                                         No
Maybe                                                                   Yes I will or No I won’t
I think                                                                   I know or I don’t know     
 I ran across this fabulous list of power words that I have incorporated from my days in direct sales..

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