I have a secret and I can’t tell you…..Yet…..

I’ve so busy lately and have not had time to post much lately because I have now officially entered my BUSY season!  Wahhoooo!  I am so excited about the Mistletoe Market~  I have so many new things to unveil.. some of which are Body Balms, Lip Balms/Butters, brand new spa gift packets and more soap of course. As soon as next week is over I will be adding all those new goodies to website at http://mossycreeksoap.com/
I should be sharing some cool pictures too but not until this BIG show is over.
 Here in my neck of the woods we have this very wonderful boutique style show called the Mistletoe Market, it’s in it’s 5 year and going strong.  I cannot begin to tell you how very important this show is for us here at Mossy Creek Soap.  We get to meet all of our local and not so local customers and we get make new ones too! So if you’re in town and would love something special and unique don’t forget to stop by and say hi!
Check out their website for more information.  http://www.mistletoemarketperry.com
And something that I have been working for some time now will be a reality! In the next few days I will be making a Huge Announcement! So be looking out for it…  
Until then I leave you with more Bath Goodies and some ideas for your Christmas Wish List! 
 Think how special they would feel 
when you give them
something HANDCRAFTED 

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