Blah, Blah, Blah… Advertising? What?

We been hearing again and again and again.. Advertising should you or shouldn’t you.  I am sharing with you “the why” you should.
As you guys remember I did a segment for Coffee Soap for WMAZ last month and now the Fox News affiliate in Town wants to know more about how to make Soap!

I am so very thankful! WOW!! I cannot believe this 2 times the good luck! I’ll get one more chance!  How cool is this?????

If you ask me how I am doing it, it has to do with the Internet. I have had this new page on the internet up 1 day and I already had an important call to do another TV segment for the local News station.  So if you do not have an internet presence, you need to get busy.  This stems from some new advertising I started on WMAZ (CBS) local “where you live” website pages.  Without this advertisement I would not have had this phone call offer?  Where would I have been?  No call, no free advertising, no potential new business.. Money lost. So if you have been sitting on the fence about whether or not you should advertise and how much money is too much to spend on an ad….do your research and find something to get the word out!  If nobody knows you’re there and nobody is going to-come-a-knock’n-on-your door!

In the past I have done postcard campaigns, flyers and even an ad in the newspaper, but the real leads come from Social Media networking and the internet.  I don’t pay much for my website..  maybe about $11.95 a month and about $24 every 3 months for a premium shopping cart.  So it’s not too bad for your own website? Especially if you are looking to get away from ESTY.  Then I added local advertising on the internet. It’s up to you what you invest in but if you really want more business then you need to let us know you’re out there.  I have heard that it takes us about 3-4 times to see an advertisement before we acknowledge it and do something about it (if we are interested of course). What are you waiting for…GET BUSY!

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