Do you know where your Joe has Been?

Buying a cup a o’Joe sure will never have the same meaning again…..

I want to share a little secret in our area called Bare Bulb Coffee.  Buying a cup of coffee here will help our own community. This coffee shop is not your ordinary coffee shop it is a non-profit with a mission to help others when they need it most.  The 1st way is all of their coffee is sustainably grown and fair traded which means that you are also helping support farmers feed their families while they are replenishing what they’ve used from the earth. 2nd they use their own revenues to benefit our community here in Warner Robins by contributing to our local shelters and charities. Check out some of the neat things they are doing:
·         Shed a Little Light Back Packing Buddies, in which they are partnering with a local elementary school to feed 6 children and their families each weekend. On Friday, the children are sent home with a backpack full of food!   
·         Their Blankets for the homeless program was a great success last month when they doubled their requests in just a few days! 
·         On the 3rd Thursday of the month they contribute something special back to our community while enjoying a GREAT girls night out through their G3 Girls Gone Good group. This time they are arranging a baby shower for local single moms who could not afford one otherwise.
They also have a few community programs that you can get interested in… How about meeting up with their running group, joining their book club or if gambling for charity is your about some TEXAS hold’em!  Between all the great coffee and volunteering they also have an open mic night where you can show off some of your own talents.  Either way, You need to check this place out or if anything go get a Fabulous cup O’Joe… P.S.. they have a drive through too!
If you want make donations please visit their website  You can make a donation right on the website or Volunteer to help out with Bare Bulb’s mission.  Be a part of a work group.  Or support our work with a donation.  They are organized as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and every gift you make is tax deductable.
Also… I am happy to announce that they are now going to be carrying our handcrafted soap starting next week! So you can now purchase our wonderful good for your body soaps anytime~ 

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