Ya’ll Stop by and sit a spell

This weekend I made a stop in Old Downtown Byron Georgia. Who ever said Byron was a sleepy little town was wrong…Check out this very cool Deli..right in the heart of downtown.

Sara Jo McLean, (Warner Robins, Georgia) owns this deli, they opened their doors Dec 2010.  Speaking with Sara’s daughter I’ve come to find out that she was a former military wife as well as myself. It seems that giving half the chance we can take a little bit from everywhere we’ve been and put them back together when we go back home to make something special like the “Drugstore Deli”.

Sara has stayed true to the name as well.  She tried out another name in the beginning but everyone kept calling it the drugstore deli. It’s kinda hard to change anybody’s mind here in south. Especially when we associate it with directions and certain childhood memories. So the next time you’re middle Georgia or want a change of scenery go have lunch in Byron at the Drugstore Deli~.

3 thoughts on “Ya’ll Stop by and sit a spell

  1. I wish I could stop for lunch there but since I live in NH I will have to just feast my eyes on the photos! I lived in Tennessee for 5 years and made many trips to GA where I enjoyed shopping and eating in quaint places like the one you featured here. What treat it was to go there!


  2. Thank you Miss Charlotte… It was a nice surprise to see them… I originally went in to get a drink while I was the farmers market in Byron! Teacher's Pet~ It's too bad you're too far away you would love this blast from the past 😀


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