Product Review: MyStudio PS5 PortaStudio Portable Photo Studio

I have for some time photographed my products with make shift white boards with outside light. Then I moved into my studio and now it is a little complicated to photograph anything outside so I decided I need something more professional and this is what I bought~

MyStudio PS5    

Check out these photo’s I took with them:

This kit is very easy to set up and easy to use… These pictures were taken without any extra lights, well maybe the flash on my camera (Cannon EOS Rebel T1i).  I love it!!!  
(see additional comments below on picture adjustments after the photo is taken)
The cost of this kit was $119 on Amazon! 
See it here~

5 thoughts on “Product Review: MyStudio PS5 PortaStudio Portable Photo Studio

  1. i've been looking at these since you talked about them in Miami but just can't decide on one! Do you find the light sufficient on this one and did you purchase additional backgrounds?


  2. Donna~ The light on top is not enough…you will need more lights. Depending on where I set this one up, most of the time I still need to lighten up the pictures after they are taken. Both sides are open so you can easily set up 2 lights/or reflectors to help reflect the light on the subject. I like it because it's all together and the daylight light on top is nice. It works well but like I said I still have to lighten the pictures up.Before you buy this one try this out~ gives fabulous advice on photography techniques.Thanks for posting Donna~


  3. The above pictures were not adjusted. When I use only a white background and foreground~ Then I have to lighten the pictures in Photoshop. I had a tough time with my shredded soap pictures because they are white on a white background. When I added the tile on the bottom (above), I did not need extra lightening or have to enhance the photos after the fact.I hope this clears it up..


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