BESTeam Feature on ElizabethMD Jewelry

I found out very early in life that certain metals turn an absolutely hideous shade green on me and that has moved me to search out natural materials that would not do this.  I have heard that every one’s skin reacts differently to different metals and mine…well mine turns green most of time.  So I shied away from jewelry most of my life with the exception of earrings which incredibly I have never had any trouble with (I could credit that to get my ears pierced at a very young age). What I found out was it is the oxidation of the copper inside the jewelry that causes your skin to turn green. It only happens in some people and not in others. I am always on the lookout for Jewelry Designers that use materials that don’t cause allergies~ 
Needless to say.. I now have found the perfect Shop

What I love about ElizabethMD Jewelry’s pieces are that she designs pieces that are “Nickle Free” (such as her rings)  and pendants made out of natural shells (such as the Coral Pendant). 

Flower Engraved Coral Pendant

Black Flower Ring with Diamond Center and Silver Trim
Elizabeth, the woman behind these gorgeous pieces is located in Canada where she received a lot of inspiration from the hand me down days from her older sister. She creates her pieces with passion loving medieval history, Gothic subculture and historic inspired costumes. You can see a little bit of all this in her designs. Teacher by day, creative jewelry designer by night…. she does it well don’t you think?    

Maroon Flower Pinky Ring

Stop by her shop to see all these and more..
You can follow her on her Blog at

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