BESTeam Feature on Turquoise Angels

You guys know I am all about the cutsy pink frilly girly stuff!  And I am here to tell you, I have found my second home in Turquoise Angels on Esty .  This mother daughter team really knows how to put the “T” in Tutu’s!  My daughter is 10, but you can bet once she see’s these cute tutu’s she gonna want one for herself~

             Custom Ballerina Tutu

I can also tell you that you little angels with 4 feet won’t have to miss out either.. check these doggie tutu’s~

Minnie Black and Red Dog Tutu

Tutu Wispy Seafoam

I know personally a few readers that will love love love this bow!

Zebra Boutique Hairbow

See them on Etsy:

You should stop by their facebook page~!/TurquoiseAngelsBoutique

If you want to follow their tweets for the next big sale or blog contest.. 

Follow them here..
Lately you seen me post about these fabulous shops at Etsy and it’s all because I joined a team on Etsy call BESTeam~  I believe the secret to success on Esty is joining in on some teams and doing a few Treasuries to get the word out about your own shop once you join. Many shops believe all you have to do is open up and wait for the sales to come in and that is far from the truth.  You have to work your business EVERY day and make contacts within your own local community but also on the Virtual Community as well. So get busy and make those contacts and start your own personal journey to success~

See more information about BESTeam here.

Thank you and have a GREAT week!

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