BESTeam Feature on Mystic Wynd

I am so excited to be sharing with all of you the Magical Shop on Etsy called Mystic Wynd:

Karen of Mystic Wynd, loves to write poetry and through this she gave birth to this company, dedicated to all of those who wish to combine their love for jewelry and inner spirit! Born and raised in Chicago she developed her fashion style while being immersed in ethnically rich neighborhood.  Her heart still beats for the old neighborhood but she is happy with 3 kids, 3 step kids and 7 grandchildren living in Arizona.

You can see how each piece is carefully crafted with a little Spiritual Magic!

I love all of her designs but I could only show some of them~
Go check her out on Etsy:
So the next time you want something unique just for you or you want to share the spirit within..
think of Mystic Wynd~

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