The Face Behind The Art

Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions and intellect. (according to Wikipedia) But what is it exactly? Who creates art? I firmly believe it is the sole expression/creation from an individual who has the need to express their inner fire and soul.  Haven’t you ever noticed how two pieces can look very similar but one is much different than the other? You can see a small piece of their soul in each piece… It’s what connects us to their creation and what better way than for us to share these wonderful Artists with each other.

I would love to introduce you to another one of my BESTeam members from Etsy.. Her name is LeAllyson Meyer from Colorado, she creates beautiful works of art in Jewelry in her Etsy Shop Plum Beadacious. I am a big fan of her earrings and the crystals she’s chooses to create her works of art with. She wears many hats~ “A Jack of All Trades”.. Besides creating the gorgeous pieces below she also has designed her own website and works as a risk analyst by day.  It was her daughter that shared her passion of Jewelry making that got her interested in designing her own pieces of art. Her jewelry is a wearable piece of artwork that you can enjoy all the time.

Aqua Necklace with fresh Water Pearls

Blue Green Mother of Pearl Earrings

Contemporary Modern Silver Earrings

In this gorgeous piece she has used Czech Glass Crystal which are attached to silver ear wires. 
Can you see the graceful curve of the wire and elegance that it eludes? 

Stop by her Etsy Shop Here:

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