BESTeam Feature on Beader Bubbe

Meet Agnes,from Brooklyn New York, she is a jewelry designer with 5 kids and count them…six grandkids! I just bet those grandkids keep her busy dreaming up new projects for them to do. But her one steady passion is Jewelry making and her Etsy shop at

Butterfly Necklace by Beader Bubbe on Etsy
An avid blogger too…  She loves to keep it interesting with recipes, tips and my personal favorite a little glimpse into her life. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love to find out about the person behind art~  

Unakite Accent Bead Bracelet by Beader Bubbe on Etsy

You can also follow her on Facebook  Or on Twitter:   Right Now she’s offering FREE SHIPPING for all new orders!

Have a Great Weekend and if you have a shop on Etsy you should think about joining our group called BESTeam..  Boosting Etsy Shops Team..:

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