Education is Key in the Soapmaking Business

Advanced Soapmaking Design Classes

Educating your customers about your products will increase your credibility and sales. Knowledge of the ingredients and teaching your customers about the value and benefits of using your natural products over store bought items will increase loyalty as well.  Sharing why your products are different,  i.e. Whether you use special ingredients such as clay or  silk in your soaps.  Will help you stand out in front of the crowd.

Putting “YOU” into YOUR business will make your business different.  There will always be someone else who makes a better product or can package it in a way that sells them off the shelf. But nobody can make it the same way you can. I reference cooks here, no two cooks can make the same recipe and both taste exactly the same. Maybe it’s environmental or maybe it’s the “YOU”, you just put into making it.

As it seems now, swirling colors in the soaping world seem to be the hottest thing. A few talented soapmakers out there can create the most incredible designs in soap using color and technique that seems to be un-reachable.  But through and Facebook groups everyone now has access to the “how”.  So I ask you? Do you want to be a follower or a leader? Do you follow the rest just to see if you can do it or are the 1st one to create it.  Then I ask you why is this important? If you are busy following and your soap looks exactly like everyone else’s design, how does your new customer choose? If they have seen this same soap design somewhere else then it will come down to money.  Who’s the better price between the two.  See where I am going with this?  What you do not want to do is put yourself in direct competition with other folks who are already doing it well. Start off by finding your own way, what are YOU passionate about and how can you make it your own?

Making your mark in the business isn’t simple but it can keep you on your toes.  In our Aug 10 Soap Design Class I can show you how to make it your own by learning about color and different methods to creating a unique artisan soap.

Find out more about the Soap Design Class here:

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