9 Great Craft Show Layout Designs


The first time I designed a booth in a craft show it was awful, it didn’t match and I had the worst location.  The next year I reviewed my booth design and made some major changes.  Having the correct setup and design for your location leads to better sales.

But first you will have to do your homework. You have about 3 seconds for potential customers to pass judgement about your booth.  You better make it look good enough from them to stop. Think of your display as a huge billboard on a highway—would you stop?

  • Use color to make them notice
  • Use scent to make them stop
  • Use your friendly smile and good conversation to make them stop
  • If you don’t have lighting bring some.
  • Don’t forget your banners

A way to ensure your space is workable for you and comfortable for your customer is to understand booth layout.  There are many ways to set up your space but I narrowed it down to nine.



You will want to add height to this booth design because space is limited



















INVERTED “L” DESIGNreversed-l1






























































Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.  Don’t forget we have a business workshop coming up this month September 24 & 25 2016 to help you get started with your own business!

To find out more check us out here: Soapmaking Weekend Workshop or if you only need help with the business side of it– Join us for our exclusive Business Only Portion on September 25!

24 thoughts on “9 Great Craft Show Layout Designs

  1. Thank you for sharing, I haven’t gone to a show as yet. The straight line seems like it would work best for one person. Would it still be or look good with extra ( packaged product) displayed on a table behind? I would prefer to have items not be handle that are sold.


  2. Love the layout designs! Our company sells clothing online and we participate in trade shows year round. We were wondering if you have any tips on how to ship large items like clothing racks, crates, and tables. Any tips would be appreciated!!


  3. Hi there, just came across your incredible layout table design which I found extremely helpful. Is there anything that you do that doesn’t turn out amazing? I miss and appreciate your classes and all the help you have always provided.


  4. Very help post. I’m opening a vendor space and it’s 14×11 I’m thinking the L shape is the best format for and take advantage of my walls to do more of the displays. Do you think it is necessary to add seating?


    • Misty,

      Very Cool! I guess it would depends on how long you plan on standing? The seating is for you and a helper take a break during long shows. I found it very helpful during the down times to have a seat. Pace yourself. The shows I did were 10-11 hours long and that’s a long time to stand.



      • I used a wooden stool so that I could maximize the space and give me more space in my sales area. Maybe a 24-36 inches so that I can get to the items under my table to restock. If your table set-up will not allow behind the table maybe you could add one beside your table or in front of the table. Think of using a director’s chair if you will in front of or beside your table it will look better than a stool.

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  5. Love all the different layouts, is there one or a few that you found has worked best for a 10×10 space? I will mostl likely be alone and this is my first craft fair! Excited but a little nervous and want to do everything right. I have three main sections of different product. Any tips would be super helpful, thanks!


    • Thank you for posting Ashley! Yes, a 10 X 10 can be challenging because you do not have a lot of space to work with. The larger question is, are your items small or large? How much inventory do you have? How long is the show/craft fair? My first response would be a straight line set up with varying heights, build up and don’t forget you add a shelf behind you to feature other larger products. If you would like to get, more ideas visit my Pinterest board called Craft Shows.


    • If its 4 foot back and you have 8 feet of frontage, then I would use the straight line setup with an 8ft table. Then build up. I think this would be the easiest to set-up and look good. If you do not have walls/sides provided and you have build them as well, make it into a small U shape. Use (2) four foot tables on ends and the 8 ft in the center.


  6. I was looking for a lay out because I have gourmet popcorn and other sweet treats and I didn’t see anything far as if you had to have back stock can you help me please. Thank you


    • Northern Suga- It would depend on the size of your booth/tent space. As a soapmaker, our inventory items are pretty small and we can store them under the table in boxes. If you need to display everything, I would look at securing a large enough spot. Then placing some on the tables in front and also make a display wall behind you to entice customers from the aisle. Hope this helps? Feel free to ask more questions…


  7. I have a square shaped 4 way rack and4 ft and 5 ft tables. I am trying to find the best way to do set up with the 4 way rack. I have jars of scrubs, crochet blankets and scarves, smaller crochet items like facial scrubbies, washcloths and swiffer covers. Friend does custom orders for photo boards, medal display boards, sewing crafts. Needing some advice to not have it look like a hodge podge mess


    • Jennifer- Thank you for posting! As long as both of your styles/branding are similar, it should be ok. Just make sure to place all complimentary items together and if it doesn’t fit the rest just don’t bring it. As far as set-up it will depend on whether your spot is an inside spot or outside, corner or interior and how much space you are alotted. But assuming you get the typical interior 10 x 10, I would start with an Open “T” design place the table toward the back next to each other and place the four-way in front as an island. Hope that helps?! Have a GREAT show!


  8. What size tables do you recommend?
    How high?
    I was thinking of 48″ x 23″ x 36″ I don’t have a van, just a Honda Accord so I thought smaller might be better for me.


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