9 Great Craft Show Layout Designs


The first time I designed a booth in a craft show it was awful, it didn’t match and I had the worst location.  The next year I reviewed my booth design and made some major changes.  Having the correct setup and design for your location leads to better sales.

But first you will have to do your homework. You have about 3 seconds for potential customers to pass judgement about your booth.  You better make it look good enough from them to stop. Think of your display as a huge billboard on a highway—would you stop?

  • Use color to make them notice
  • Use scent to make them stop
  • Use your friendly smile and good conversation to make them stop
  • If you don’t have lighting bring some.
  • Don’t forget your banners

A way to ensure your space is workable for you and comfortable for your customer is to understand booth layout.  There are many ways to set up your space but I narrowed it down to nine.



You will want to add height to this booth design because space is limited



















INVERTED “L” DESIGNreversed-l1






























































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It’s been a whole year since we embarked this new venture.  I am pleased to tell you that this NEW store changed our whole business model.  It has been an interesting ride so far.  We began our small business out of our kitchen in 2009, with in a year we were looking for a place to make soap full-time. Then two years after that we were looking for a larger space, then found our current home Downtown Perry Georgia.  What a stinking cute place?! Last year we secured a spot in the main shopping district of our downtown area and open up a retail only store called Mossy Creek Natural.

Yes, I admit this is my dream place.  I have been dreaming about a store like this since 2009.  I am here to tell you that we shoestring our way to Carroll Street!

Here are some pictures of our new store at 915 Carroll Street, Perry, Georgia.

I am now the proud owner of two successful stores.  We employ about 5 people to help keep it a success. We feel blessed to call Middle Georgia our home and we want to share with you a very cool video of our local area within Houston County, Ga.

We are still offering private instruction and workshops at our studio. We are no longer offering our hands on Soapmaking 101 classes but we have chosen to offer them in a E-HANDOUT version which can be found here:  SOAPMAKING 101 E-Handout Plus Video access

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  Choosing a location for success

Choose the right location for your business.

Choose the right location for your business.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION– The location for your business is very important to your success.  If you are looking for walk-in traffic then you need a retail location on a busy street. But these locations are  expensive. It’s hard starting out and if you do not have a steady business income before you open your doors you could be struggling in your first 6 months. Remember as your business grows so will you, you may not stay in this location forever. In fact most businesses move from their original location to larger one or better location in their first two years. Remember the first car or house you bought? If you are like most folks that didn’t last too longer either.

Before entering into your first lease ask for any move-in specials.  I received one month free if I signed a 6 month lease.

You may need to find a happy medium between steady foot traffic and one that is not too expensive.  After my first year in business it was a necessity to get my operation out of my home so I reserached opening a location in a small shopping center. Which was close to a  residential area, included a month to month lease and paid utlities. That way if I could not afford to pay for I would have a way out without losing everything. In the begining I did not get many walk-ins but it provided me with a place to do business that offered me credibility.

Links to help you FIND the perfect location:

Loop Net.com


Choosing The Right Location For Your Business


The Effect on business location for business success


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Building Your Small Business Credit

Starting a business in a recession is never easy and most small soapmaking business owners fund all their purchases via personal credit.  It’s fine to do in the beginning but when revenues increase and you are making larger purchases you may need to look for new funding.  This is where your business comes in. You will need to first apply (if you have not done it already) for a EIN number with the IRS (this is an Employer Identification Number), Register your business with your local and state agencies and designate a legal entity for your business (sole proprietorship, LLC..etc).  

 Remember when you had to establish personal credit?  You applied for credit and used your credit to build a history which was then reported to the various credit bureaus.  Well in business the terminology is a little different and works like this: As a business you will try to establish trade credit and it is when another business issues your business credit= trade credit.

At that point a business trade credit file will then be established, which is then gather by various business credit bureaus:

Dun & Bradstreet
Experian Business
Equifax Business

But the bad thing is that other businesses are not required to send in your information and the credit bureaus may never receive the good credit information that you have established. It will be up to you to check this report and make sure that your business credit is being submitted.  It may not matter to you now but with luck someday you may need to expand and get a loan. Then you will need this credit history.

You can check to see if your business is on file for FREE at DUN & BRADSTREET-  http://www.dnb.com/  and sign up for your DUNS number.  You can also pay to have your credit pulled from the above resources as well.

Some fine points to remember when establishing business credit:
1. Keep a business phone line separate from your personal line if your business is mobile. It sends up red     flags if you do not have one.
2. Update or create your business plan
3. Find businesses willing to extend you small credit and ask to see if they report to the agencies
4. Start at least 6- 8 months before you need the loan.

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Indigo and Cambrian Blue Clay in Soapmaking

A while back I was discussing Cambrian Blue Clay in one of my online groups.  What I love about it is the color!  A nice blue is a tough color to achieve and Cambrian Blue Clay along with Indigo makes a beautiful blue color.  In the beginning you will notice it has a greenish hue to it but in the end once it’s cured it looks fabulous.
Not much is known about the Cambrian Blue Clay which has an INCI name of Lilite.  Right now you can purchase this wonderful blue clay from http://www.etsy.com/shop/AltaiBotanicals 
I added this Cambrian Blue Clay along with Indigo Root Powder directly to my LYE solution to release all the good properties of both the clay and Indigo Root. 
Once I started I noticed there really wasn’t anything to strain but I wanted to be sure.
 I added a Lavender, Patchouli and Sandalwood essential oil fragrance blend.
I wanted to add dimension to my soap so I add some Calendula Flowers
Sprinkled some 24k Gold Mica on top!
If you want to purchase this soap it will be ready 20 AUG online at
Or you can learn how to make your own soap in our